Who we are

Themelos Constructions

Themelos Constructions is the company that has envisioned and created Levanda Residences in Epanomi with care and attention to detail. It is a company with 20 years of experience in fine residential constructions in the area of Epanomi and Halkidiki.


At Themelos Constructions we firmly believe that the personal living space of today should be stylish, functional, warm, safe, and generally satisfy all the requirements for a long-term stay – or even for a lifetime – without any problems. These are the basic principles that we constantly take into account from the initial design stage, up to the final completion of every modern residential space we create.

At Levanda Residences we have taken into consideration the need of today’s man or woman to combine comfort and functionality with a space that is bright, open and with high aesthetics. In addition, the buildings of the apartments were designed in a way that they are in a continuous architectural “dialogue” with the beautiful natural environment of Epanomi and the lavender farm next to them, from which they take their name (lavender is “levanda” in Greek).


At Themelos Constructions we create modern living spaces that are familiar to their residents from the very first moment. We design houses and apartments with impeccable aesthetics and functionality, in which we would like to live ourselves, literally “placing ourselves” in them.

In every residential project we create, we want to combine quality construction with comfort and practicality. We cleverly use innovation in architecture and selected construction materials to meet the timeless needs of a man or woman for a warm and beautiful space, which will become the “home” that will house their dreams and family.


Our constant goal is to make intelligent use of modern developments in architecture and construction in order to create residential units that will increase their value over the years, making any initial investment in their purchase profitable.

At the same time, we always keep in mind that an equally important value for a house or apartment is the comfort and practicality that it provides on a daily basis. That’s why we take great care that every living space we create is a warm “refuge”, in the beautiful and functional environment of which you will live pleasantly all your private moments, and which you will be able to easily customize to your unique taste.

“Every apartment is built by placing ourselves in it”