Epanomi, Thessaloniki, where Levanda Residences are located, is a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants, in a distance of 29 km from the city of Thessaloniki and 12 km from the prefecture of Halkidiki.

Epanomi is famous in the area of Thessaloniki, as it has the best beaches near the city of Thessaloniki, the most known of them being the wonderful "Potamos" beach.


Epanomi is a settlement of particular importance close to the city of Thessaloniki, and it has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic Age, while Homer refers to it under the name “Gigonis Akra”.

Epanomi has evolved in recent years into one of the most exclusive “distant suburbs” of Thessaloniki, as it combines easy access to the city with a beautiful natural environment, in which the beaches alternate with the lush green crops of its fertile soil.

In the small town you can find everything you need within walking distance: super market, schools, pharmacies, banks, sports facilities, squares, etc. are all easily accessible on foot. The attractions of Epanomi include important archaeological findings of the  Paleochristian period  and a wetland of rare beauty  4 km south of the city, at the location ”Tsairi”, which is a Natura environmentally protected area.

But what Epanomi is famous for are its beautiful beaches with clear blue water and excellent sand, stretching for many kilometres (the city has a 40 km coastline in total). “Potamos” beach is the most known beach close to the city of Thessaloniki, while the beaches “Navagio”, “Fanari” and “Palioura” are also outstanding. It is no exaggeration to say that Epanomi, with the quality and variety of its beaches, is a small paradise for beach lovers!

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